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          Ascorbic Acid

          CAS number: 50-81-7

          Molecular formula:

          molecular weight:

          Chemical structure:


          Product name:  Ascorbic Acid
          Expiry Date:  Three years
          Inspection Standard:  BP2013, E300, USP36, FCC8, EP 7.
          Tests Standards Results
          Appearance White crystalline powder White crystalline powder
          Identification Positive Positive
          Clarity of solution Clear Clear
          Color of solution ≤BY7 <by7< td="">
          Assay 99.0~100.5% 99.5%
          Loss on Drying ≤0.4% 0.05%
          Residue on ignition 0.1% 0.03%
          Sulphate Ash 0.1% 0.03%
          Specific rotation +20.5°~+21.5° +20.92°?
          pH(with 2% water solution) 2.4-2.8 2.59
          PH(with 5% water solution) 2.1-2.6 2.35
          Melting range About 190℃ 191℃
          Heavy metals ≤3ppm <3ppm< td="">
          Iron ≤2ppm <2ppm< td="">
          Copper ≤5ppm <5ppm< td="">
          Impurity E ≤0.2% <0.2%< td="">
          Arsenic ≤1ppm <1ppm< td="">
          Lead ≤2ppm <2ppm< td="">
          Cadmium ≤1ppm <1ppm< td="">
          Mercury ≤1ppm <1ppm< td="">
          Organic volatile impurities Meets the requirements conform
          Related Substances ImpurityC≤0.15% Complies
          Any Other Unspecific Impurities
          Total Impurity≤0.2%
          Total Plate Count ≤1,000cfu/g <1,000cfu/g
          Conclusion: According to BP2013, E300, USP36, FCC8, EP 7.